High return potential investments
aligned with your
agribusiness vocation

We develop investment baskets with startups that have high returns and impact on the agribusiness chain, based on market trends and opportunities. This approach is achieved from understanding each investor’s purpose and analyzing the startups’ business model in detail.

Opening for venture capital (A and B Series)

Incorporated business

Search for high impact businesses in agribusiness

Market projection and relationship network

Funds of R$ 10 – 25 MI, with MARR > 20%

Invest with Filius Venture in Agtech

How Filius Venture structures the investments

  • Diagnosis of investor profile and purpose
  • Development of startups with high potential baskets
  • Selection of startups that have greater solidity and return potential
  • Approach of players and structuring of business relationship
  • Investment thesis management with participation in the strategy of the investee companies

Do you have a passion for agro and want to participate in high impact business?